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Advanced Implantology

Dental Implants are an effective solution to the abscence or loss of teeth which in many cases involved functional and esthetic problems.

Thanks to techniques such as computer-guided surgery, you can have your complete denture as quickly as posible, minimizing the risks. In Clinica Dental Martín Escorial we use implants with guarantee quality and usefull worwide.



Correct oclusión, position and aesthetics of your teeth without anyone noticing thanks to the INVISIBLE Orthodontics or INCOGNITO SYSTEM, in addition to conventional techniques (brackets)

NO PREPAYMENT with the conventional techniques.

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If your teeth move or your gums bleed

This is usually motivated by periodontal disease, resulting in a loss of bone, which motivates the movement and the subsequent loss of teeth. However this disease is easily controlled with an initial treatment and a biannual review.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Flaunt the best smile through veneres, ceramic crowns and more advanced system tooth whitening. Your teeth with the colour desired in one visit.

Conservative Dentistry

Prevention, maintenance and restoration

The different techniques used en Conservative Dentistry posible to prevent, treat, and eliminate any caries/decay, restoring function and aesthetic to your mouth.

Endodontics and microsurgery

Minimally invasive microdentistry

Thanks to the exponential increase of the accuracy achieved with the use of the microscope we boarded treatments than involved before the almost certain loss of the tooth, besides getting to perform conservative treatment, with minimal patient pain discomfort.

Dental for Kids

The control of oral health from an early age is critical to the future state of their smile. We advise treatments to encourage proper oral health during childhood and dental eruption.


Total or partial rehabilitation by fixed or removable prosthesis on your own teeth. We refund your big smile without implants.

Conscious Sedation

Relax, do not worry about anything

In order to avoid that dental phobia or fear of pain makes you not face the necessary treatments we offer the possibility of make them in one visit under conscious sedation, with the guarantee that will not suffer and may cooperate at all times with the dentist. Always of course with the help of an anesthesiologist who controls the entire process.


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Taylor made financing up to 5 years.

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